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Still Trucking September 8, 2020

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Sorry about missing last week, it was just really crazy and several things had to fall through the cracks.  But now that we’re here, let’s jump right back in.  Speaking of falling through the cracks, I somehow didn’t capture ANY info on the Frozen Dessert category.  I know I made something, but I apparently didn’t put it on Instagram, and I have since forgotten what it was.  😛  

Oh well, next up is Fruit, a super small category that will probably get squished in somewhere else before too long.  Especially since I didn’t end up keeping this first recipe we tried.  It was for a chunky applesauce that just didn’t seem special enough to warrant all the work.

Next was a tasty but flawed recipe for apple dumplings.  Obviously anything using crescent dough and topped with ice cream will be tasty, but the outside cooked LONG before the apples got tender, so it’s not a keeper.  (Although that was definitely one of the tastier failures we’ve had. 😉 )

For Grains we went with a baked oatmeal cup that my hubby used to like, but for some reason they just don’t hit the spot anymore. I don’t think it’s the recipe’s fault, but we’re not going to keep it anymore. I did blog about them back in 2013 in case you want to give them a try though. (In case you’re wondering, I’ve yet to be a fan of the texture of baked oatmeals, though I keep trying them just in case.)

For our Ice Cream Maker category, I remade this butter pecan ice cream recipe from 2013.  I didn’t manage to get any updated photos (even for Instagram), and unfortunately it’s another one that we’re retiring.  As I noted before, the cream cheese never seems to fully incorporate so it just isn’t what we need. (Though the flavor is always quite tasty!)

And since this week’s theme is apparently letting go, let’s discuss the last category: Indian.  We tried a butter chicken recipe that just didn’t pack enough flavor.  (Don’t worry I’ve got a few other butter chicken recipes in the box; at least one of them should be a fabulous keeper.)

In other news, it’s been rainy here which makes it feel fall-ish to me.  YAY!  Rather good timing too since I put out my fall decor last week.  I’ve also finally gotten around to watching the Great British Bake Off!  I knew it was lovely, but it’s surpassing all my wildest expectations.  Wholesome, yummy, and just plain fun!  What are you into lately?