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Veggie Pizza and More Tries October 20, 2020

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Well this October is turning out to be WAY busier than I anticipated!  We’ve got so much going on that I’ve missed posting nearly the whole month.  Luckily, we’ve still had to eat, so I’ve still been trying out recipes.  😉

Just this past weekend, I finally got all the ingredients to try the first recipe from our next category, pizza.  Though we ultimately decided not to keep the recipe, I did really appreciate the flavor combos.  And even my meat-lover hubby gobbled up this veggie slice.  O.o

A couple of times our plans have changed last minute, and we’ve been left with chicken to eat when my original meal plan had to change.  Because of that, I figured we might as well try a few recipes that used ingredients we already had on hand.  While none of them were keepers, we’ve definitely enjoyed taste testing them.  

First up were some Garlic Dijon Chicken Legs that I failed to get a picture of.  They were alright, but I was hoping for more of a dijon kick.

Then we had Apricot Honey Chicken which was okay, but just not a stand out.

The Cheddar Chicken was a delicious combo of flavors, but a bit of a hot mess to make. 😛

And we finished with some tasty, but mediocre Orange-Glazed Chicken.

All in all, we’re enjoying trying out loads of recipes. Popsicles should be the next category, but I don’t think we’ll get there for a while. I tend to dawdle eating popsicles when it’s cooler out, but mostly I just don’t have room for them right now in my freezer. `:D So we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next. Happy Tuesday!