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A Little Check-In January 15, 2019

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Just because I’m back to cooking normal food doesn’t mean that everything I cook is blog worthy.  I try out plenty of recipes from Pinterest and even my recipe box that just don’t pan out.  They might taste ok, but I’m looking to find amazing recipes that we’ll want to have again and again.  For example, this week I made a spicy chicken with peanut sauce that we’ve actually had before, but we decided this time that it really doesn’t pack enough flavor to keep its spot in the box.  So if I’m not keeping the recipe for us, why would I share it with y’all? Then there are good recipes that I’m not ready to share yet for a myriad of reasons: we haven’t seen how well it lasts, we made if for company and I didn’t get to take pics, I need to test/tweak it just a tiny bit more.

Anyway, all this is to say that I don’t have a recipe for you today.  However, if you’re interested in seeing what I try regardless of how it turns out, you might be interested in following me on Instagram.  I do try to blog most of what I cook, and I especially tend to blog what I call my “food prep” on Saturdays.  I don’t think it’s what most people call food prep, but it’s my version of it.  I don’t know about you, but during the week, I just want to get dinner on the table as fast as possible, so on Saturdays I try to prep anything that can be done ahead of time.  That could be a casserole, a marinade, a dressing, something for breakfast, a sweet treat, or just anything else that keeps well and will help me get food in my belly faster later.  ;P

At this time of year, people seem to like organizing and decluttering their lives, and especially right now with that Marie Kondo Netflix special that I have no intention of watching.  Personally, I’m always in the mood to streamline my life, but I like to take it in small, manageable bites.  That’s why we’re trying recipe box recipes one or two at a time and just whittling it down bit by bit.  I hope that you can enjoy this journey with me as I try to find the recipes we REALLY love!

Have a great night!