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Check-In (March #1) March 6, 2018

Sorry for missing last week, but I’ve definitely got some recipes comments to share, so buckle up!  😉  (And oddly enough, the recipes this week seem to be grouped in themes.  Weird, but let’s roll with it.)

First, let’s talk bananas.  You know I’m not a fan of straight up bananas, but I do enjoy some banana bread.  A couple of Saturdays ago, we tried the banana pancakes from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook.  I did leave the banana extract out. (To be fair, I’ve never tried it, but since I don’t like banana-flavored anything, I can’t imagine I’d like this.)  Even without the extract, they had a nice light banana flavor, and we both thoroughly enjoyed them.  They do have a tendency to stick to the pan, so be sure you grease it really well with cooking spray.  Then this week, I made the banana cake from the THM cookbook.  We’ve had it before, so I already knew it was a good choice.  It’s got a really nice banana flavor too, and is a great option for breakfast or dessert.  The only change I make to that one is to leave out the stevia extract.  (Don’t worry it’s still got a granulated sweetener in it.)  This is one of the first THM recipes we tried, and I didn’t have stevia extract at the time, but we think it’s fine without it.

Next up is the savory stuff.  First up was the E chili from the Trim Healthy Table book.  This is a slow-cooker recipe, and the directions allow you to not do any cooking beforehand.  I had the time, so I went ahead and browned my meat and sauteed the onions.  However, I did NOT saute the celery, and it’s a little too crunchy.  Still, the flavor is really good, and that’s an easy fix for next time.  Definitely a good recipe to have on hand, and I love that it makes a TON.  I also tried these Cilantro Lime Chicken Thighs from the Mediterranean Dish.  The flavor is good (and very adjustable), but I think the technique still needs some tweaking.  The way the recipe has you cook it, you’re left with a lot of juice/pan sauce.  If you’re not doing THM, then you can probably add in a little flour to thicken it up and serve it over rice or mashed potatoes or something.  Since we can’t have those, it just seem like a waste.  The second time we had this, I greatly reduced the amount of liquid (which saved me a couple steps, yay!), and I also uncovered it for the last 10 minutes so the skin could crisp up a little.  We’ll definitely be having this again, so maybe once I refine the way we like it, I can share details on my preferred method.  Lastly, we tried a Creamed Kale & Gruyere Gratin from Good Housekeeping.  Unfortunately, that one was kind of a fail.  It tasted good, but it was WAY too much work for what turned out to be creamed kale.

Lastly, let’s check out some cornbread details.  First, we tried Briana Thomas’s budget E cornbread.  Honestly, the taste was fine, but we just couldn’t get past the texture.  Maybe it’s because we’re from the south, but it just didn’t work for us.  (But I love you, Briana!)  We’ve still got plenty of chili to eat, but hubby’s having problems with the crunchiness of it (the celery problem).  In order to get hubby to eat it (I hate wasting food.), I told him that I’d make him whatever non-THM side he wanted to go with it (rice, biscuits, cornbread, etc.).  He picked cornbread, and I decided to try out this healthy cornbread recipe from Rachel Cooks that’s been hanging out on one of my Pinterest boards forever.  Amazingly, even my hubby loves it!!!  (Sometimes he changes his mind when he finds out that something’s healthy.)  We swapped in honey for the maple syrup (though I’m sure that’s amazing too), and I love the great wheat flavor that comes through.  I love a good sweet cornbread, but I’m really happy to have a cornbread that’s delicious, but still a bit better for us.  I need to take some pictures, but I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe for this one (hopefully soon).

Just one last thing for today.  I was scrolling through my Instagram earlier, and I saw a sponsored post from Chick-fil-A.  I already have a deep and abiding love for them, but I’d never looked at their IG before.  First of all, y’all should follow them because their feed is filled with happy people and cute CFA moments.  Have y’all ever had their frosted lemonade?  It’s so good!!  Well, yesterday, I found out (thanks to IG), that they came out with an orange version.  Um….mind blown!!!  If the lemonade version is amazing (and it is!), then the creamsicle version has got to be MINDblowing!  I might have to cheat a little and try it.  Soon!!