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A Quick Meal for a Busy Week March 23, 2016

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Sorry to be a little late with this week’s post, but I was just too busy yesterday to squeeze it in.  This week’s recipe is quite similar to the Thai-Style Turkey that I posted last year.  We love that recipe so much, that seeing this one floating around Pinterest really caught my eye.  The technique is basically the same, but the flavors take a different turn.  Like the Thai version, this goes really well with some simple roasted veggies (like the broccoli we had here) and a pot of jasmine or basmati rice.  What I particularly love about these recipes is that they’re fast and easy but the flavors are just so good.

Korean Beef Bowl (from D**n Delicious)

1/3 c. brown sugar (The second time we tried this, I halved the sugar, and it still tasted just as delicious.)

1/4 c. soy sauce

1 tbsp. sesame oil

1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper

1/4 tsp. ground ginger

1 tbsp. veggie oil

3 cloves minced garlic

1 lb. ground beef

2 thinly sliced green onions

  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, red pepper, and ginger.
  2. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the garlic and cook, stirring constantly, til fragrant, about 1 minute.  (I was afraid that the garlic would burn, so I added it at the end of cooking the meat.)  Add the beef and cook til browned, 3-5 minutes, crumbling as it cooks; drain the fat.  Stir in the sauce and the green onions and let heat through, about 2 minutes.

Korean Beef BowlKorean Beef Bowl 2

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our Lord’s resurrection and spending time with family!


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