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One Pot Dinners for the Win August 18, 2015

Lately, the hubby and I have been really enjoying one pot rice dinners.  We’ve tried the one pot pastas before, and they can be a little iffy (sometimes the texture of the sauce is just not right), but we’ve had several variations on one pot rice dinners that all turned out amazingly delicious.  Growing up, I really enjoyed my grandmother’s chicken and rice, but I never learned how to make it.  Though these recipes are different from hers (hers was very basic and plain), they still remind me of hers, plus they taste amazing!  I love how easy all of these recipes are, and how quickly you can get them on your table with minimal prep.

This first chicken and rice recipe uses just a few ingredients to deliver an incredibly tasty, slightly tropical dish to your table in 30-45 minutes.  We were actually a little skeptical at first (see above about the one pot pasta), but it came out perfect.  I didn’t have any green onions, but we enjoyed topping ours with a little bit of soy sauce.

One Pan Pineapple Chicken and Rice (from the Yellow Bliss Road)

2 diced chicken breasts (I used boneless and skinless breasts.)

20 oz. can pineapple tidbits in juice

1 c. long-grain white rice

1 c. chicken broth

1/2 tsp. salt

3 green onions

  1. Heat 1-2 tbsp. oil in a 12 inch lidded skillet over medium heat.  Season the chicken with salt and pepper and add it to the skillet.
  2. Drain the pineapple, reserving all the juice.  Set aside 1 c. of pineapple for the recipe.  (You can enjoy the rest as a snack!)
  3. Cook the chicken til browned on the outside, but not cooked through, 4-5 minutes.  Push the chicken to one side and add the rice.  Cook the rice, stirring often, til semi-translucent, about 3 minutes.
  4. Add in the broth, 1 c. pineapple juice (I didn’t have that much from my can, so I just used more chicken broth.), and 1/2 tsp. salt.  Stir together and let come to a boil.  Reduce the heat to low and cook for 20 minutes, covered.
  5. Check the rice for doneness, cooking longer if necessary.  Stir in the green onions.

One Pan Pineapple Chicken and RiceOne Pan Pineapple Chicken and Rice 3

This next recipe is very similar, which is good because I somehow forgot to snap a picture of it.  Make sure that you really like the taste and are okay with the heat level of your salsa verde here, because it’s the main flavor component.  Other than that, this is an easy, inexpensive, quick and tasty recipe.

Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice (from the Kevin and Amanda blog)

1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1-2 tbsp. olive oil

1 c. long grain white rice

2 c. chicken broth

1 c. salsa verde

  1. Cut the chicken into 1 inch cubes, pat them dry, and season them with salt and pepper.  In a large lidded skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat.
  2. When the oil’s hot, add the chicken in a single layer and cook til browned on the outside.
  3. Add in the rice, broth, and salsa.  Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer 20 minutes or til the rice is tender.

This last one is my hubby’s favorite of the three because instead of chicken it uses … sausage!  (I specifically used HEB’s mesquite sausage.  It’s cheap, but SOOO delicious.  The smell of it cooking nearly drove me insane.)  I also really like this one because it’s even more filling thanks to the addition of beans.  (Thanks to the beans and loads of sausage flavor, we were able to make this meal go even farther.  Bumping up the rice and broth just a bit to feed 6-8 instead of 4-6.)

Brazilian Beans and Rice with Sausage (from Favorite Family Recipes)

2 tbsp. oil

1 lb. sliced smoked sausage

1/2 c. chopped green onions (I didn’t have green, but regular onion worked well too.)

3 cloves minced garlic

1 1/2 c. rice

3 c. chicken broth

1 14 oz. can drained, rinsed pinto beans

1-2 bay leaves

  1. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add the sausage, garlic and onions and saute til the onions are soft.
  2. Stir in the remaining ingredients, season with salt and pepper, and bring to a boil.
  3. Reduce the heat to a simmer, cover, and cook 20-25 minutes or til the rice is done.

Brazilian Beans and RiceBrazilian Beans and Rice 2

There they are.  The first 3 one pot rice dinners that I’ve made, though I have a feeling that more variations are to come.  Stay tuned!


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