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Summary of August September 6, 2013

Well, August seemed busy, but I don’t seem to have much to summarize.  I do have a few upcoming deals and some delicious food for you to try though.  Let’s start with upcoming deals.

This first one is less of a deal and more information that you didn’t know you wanted to know.  You may have heard already that Starbucks has brought their beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte back a little early.  Apparently that isn’t their only offering for fall.  They’ve also introduced a new drink that I’m very excited to try…a chocolate chai tea latte.  I’m already a fan of their regular chai latte, so I’ll definitely be trying this as soon as I can. (Update: It’s good, but not my favorite.  I’ll stick with their regular chai.)

Dairy Queen doesn’t seem quite so ready to celebrate fall, but they are giving summer a great sendoff.  From now til September 22, you can stop in a participating DQ store, buy 1 blizzard, and get a 2nd blizzard (of equal or lesser value) for only 99 cents.  Even though I’m craving fall, I might as well enjoy some ice cream until the weather decides to cooperate, right?

The last deal I have for today concerns Krispy Kreme’s celebration of National Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is September 19th in case you didn’t have that marked on your calendar).  Not only do they offer a cream-filled, pirate-frosted doughnut, but you can go in on 9/19 and receive a free original glazed doughnut just for talking like a pirate.  If you’re really into pirates (or just want more doughnuts), you can go in full pirate gear to receive a dozen original glazed.  (Check out this site for more information.)

I mentioned that I got to try some new things, one of them was a bag of Stauffer’s lemon snaps.  Stauffer’s makes some of my favorite gingersnaps, so when I saw this new flavor, I knew I had to try it.  Just like their gingersnaps, these lemon snaps have a great “snappy” texture, and the lemon taste is just bright enough to impart a bit of summer.  I think this might be a new go-to cookie for spring and summer.  (Gingersnaps are still my fall and winter go-tos.)

Now, you probably remember that I’ve been attempting to try new types of produce, but that’s not always cost-effective.  I recently learned that sometimes you just need to keep your eyes open and take advantage of a good opportunity when it comes along.  I was meandering around an HEB produce section and happened to notice that they had some rambutan (a cousin of the more popular lychee) for sale.  Since it’s such a small fruit, it didn’t cost but a few cents to get a couple.  My friend and I tried it after shopping, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Though on the outside rambutan are prickly and odd-looking, inside was a delicate, sweet, white fruit with an almond-like pit.  (The store’s info sheet said the pit tasted similar to almond.  Well, it may look like an almond, but it feels like eating the shell of a sunflower seed, stringy and grassy.  Don’t try it!)  One other word of warning, I bought a second fruit to share with my hubby, but I left it out over the weekend in its plastic bag and it got moldy.  Yuck!!  Be sure to take yours out of the produce bag before you put it away.  Though I had to learn a few things the hard way, I really did like the exotic taste of the rambutan.  Ever since then, I keep my eyes peeled in the produce section, and hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it again soon.  So you never know what treasure may await you in your local grocery store.  (UPDATE: After reading the post, my mom e-mailed me and said that some of the sources she looked at listed the rind and seed of rambutans as having harmful toxins.  I felt no ill effects from the bite I took, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I definitely would recommend against eating anything but the flesh of the fruit.)

4-26 Enjoy the Little Things4-26 Enjoy the Little Things 2

The last thing I wanted to share was a couple of delicious items that my husband and I got to try on a recent visit to Macaroni Grill.  Though we mostly got our tried and true favorites, we did get to try a new appetizer and dessert.  The app we tried was their new baked mozzarella fonduta.  It’s a small tray of some delicious baked mozzarella topped with a little prosciutto and served with flatbread.  It was incredibly delicious, and the portion size was VERY generous.  Still, we decided that we won’t order it again unless there’s at least 4 of us at the table; it was just too much for 2 people to eat by themselves.  Since I had a coupon for a free dessert, we decided to go ahead and really stuff ourselves. 😉  We were thinking about getting some cannoli (to eat at home later), but decided to check what sorbet flavors they were offering (since those are seasonal).  As soon as our server said the current flavor was blood orange, I knew that we had to get it.  It was actually a nice light finish to a delicious (if somewhat rich) meal.  As always, I can’t say enough good things about Macaroni Grill.  My husband took me there for my birthday 7 years ago, and we’ve loved it ever since.  We’ve always had friendly, helpful servers and the most amazing food.  I highly recommend you stop by soon and treat yourself to an incredible meal.

I hope you found something interesting to try soon.  What are some of your latest finds?


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