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April’s Adventures May 2, 2013

I look forward to these posts all month long.  I love posting about yummy food and working on my photography skills, but since I save up these tidbits for so long, by the time I get to share them, I’m fairly bursting with excitement.  As I go about my regular schedule, I’m trying to remember things I love that I haven’t yet gotten around to sharing with you.  Some of those will definitely be in today’s post.  First up, though, are some recent deals that you may not have heard of.

Haagen-Dazs has announced that May 14 is going to be their free cone day.  They haven’t said if there’s a time period, but I’m sure you could contact your local shop for more information.

Also, Starbucks is kicking off summer by bringing back their Frappuccino Happy Hour.  From 5/3-5/12 from 3-5 PM, you can get frappuccinos for half off (yay!).  We’ve had a couple hot days recently (although we’ve also had hail and chilly temps), so I hope we’ll have more warm weather that will give me a reason to cool off with a frappe.  I’m also really hoping that they bring the coconut frappes back soon, since they’re my hands-down favorites.

One of my new/old favorite things is shopping at Old Navy.  Of course, lots of people shop there during high school and college, and until recently, the last time I’d been was in college.  A couple of months ago, my best friend and I wandered in to browse while we waited for another shop to open.  I was very surprised by what we found.  Old Navy has really done a makeover on their image.  Though they still carry great stuff for teens and young adults, there are also casual options for those of us who aren’t so young anymore. (I got a shirt similar to this on sale for less than $10.) They’ve also added some really chic and affordable jewelry.  If you’re looking for casual clothes and fun accessories, then you’ll definitely want to keep them in mind.  (Oh, and they have frequent sales and lots of clearance.)

Another great place for chic, cheap, and fun items is everyone’s favorite store: Target.  Besides being filled with fun, stylish items at great prices, I absolutely adore Target’s dollar section.  Though other stores are trying to copy this, Target’s is the best.  Obviously, not everything is great quality, but you can get some great finds.  Over the years, I’ve gotten plates, measuring cups and spoons, and organizational items, and a lot more that I can’t remember right now.  You can also find good deals on food (chocolate-filled panda cookies), gift wrapping items (gift wrap, cellophane bags, ribbons, etc.), kid’s toys (That can be used for prizes or party favors, and you won’t feel bad if they get lost or broken.), note pads, cards (blank and thank-yous), holiday decor, and so many other things.  Though you won’t always find something, it’s always worth a look (at least in my book).

Now, this past month’s new produce to try was Meyer lemon.  I used them in different recipes, tasted them plain, and finally got a good handle on their flavor.  Surprisingly, I prefer regular lemons to Meyers.  Though Meyer lemons aren’t quite as tart as a regular lemon, they have a more floral or perfume-y smell and taste that isn’t my first choice.  It’s nice, but I prefer the tart, bright zing from a plain lemon.

Now, I haven’t done quite as well on my goal of trying new foods.  I wanted to focus on grains, but I’ve run into a problem.  For the most part, it’s warm outside now, and I just don’t feel like hot cereal.  If you’ve got any idea about other types of new food that I could try for not too much money, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Another new thing that I’ve gotten to try is a new card game called Quao (cow).  I got this for the hubby for his birthday, and we had a hilarious time playing it with our friends.  It’s somewhat similar to Quelf, but different enough that it wouldn’t be redundant to have both in your arsenal.  The point of the game is that Quao is the supreme dictator, and everyone must obey her rules – even if they don’t know what they are.  You”ll play 4 rounds with a (potentially) different quao each time.  The person playing the quao is responsible for enforcing the rules (known and unknown) and is the only person who gets to know what the secret rule is.  Each player is trying to discard all their cards, which may result in you saying silly things or acting out a little (hence the similarities to Quelf).  The other Quelf similarity is having rules that you follow or risk incurring a penalty of picking up more cards.  If you want a hilarious time with your friends, check it out!

The last thing I wanted to share was my most recent, successful craft project: I turned a bar of soap into a gallon of liquid hand soap!  I followed this awesome tutorial, and it turned out great, even though I made some big mistakes.  (I had a 7 oz. bar, not 8 oz., yet I still poured in a gallon of water.  I also misread the amount of glycerin needed, so I put in 2 tsp., not 2 tbsp.)  Obviously, it’s pretty hard to mess this up.  In case you’re wondering, my new hand soap smells like orange and honey.

I hope you’re having a great week.  Stop by and let me know some of your old and new favorite things.


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