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Mouthwatering Burger March 19, 2013

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So I promised you a delicious savory treat, and this should not disappoint.  This is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had or made.  I saw this mouth-watering recipe in last October’s Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine.  After I finished drooling over it, I wrote the recipe down and filed it away for the next time I made burgers.  Somehow that took me 6 more months!  Please do not wait as long as I did; this burger is too amazing to be put off, especially now that we’re reaching grilling season.  (Did I mention that it’s already in the 90’s this week in Texas, because it is.)  The meat is mixed with just a little bit of Worcestershire, onion juice, and mustard, but the amazing flavor comes from maple-brushed bacon (Oh my word!) and… a fried egg (preferably with runny yolk) that was cooked in the burger grease.  When you bite into the burger you get a little sweet from the maple, a little smoke from the bacon, and just plain goodness from the runny yolk of the egg.  I really urge you to make this as soon as you possibly can.  We will definitely be making it again, though I’ll have to hold myself back from doing it too often, otherwise I might have to invest in some bigger clothes. :S    Okay, enough talk; here’s the recipe so you can get started.

Bacon & Egg Burger (from Everyday with Rachael Ray)

1/2 lb. thick-cut or peppered bacon (I can’t wait to try it with some peppered bacon!)

1/4 c. dark amber maple syrup (I used regular, but I bet this would be even better.)

1 1/2 lb. coarse ground beef chuck (Mine were a bit smaller because I only used 1 lb.  I’m sure my hubby would appreciate more meatiness the next time we make it.)

3 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

3 tbsp. grated onion

2 tbsp. grainy Dijon mustard

1/2 lb. sliced white cheddar

4 seed topped or onion rolls (I couldn’t find any, so I just went with my favorite whole wheat buns.)

4 eggs

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Lay the bacon on a slotted broiler pan and bake til the fat is partially rendered, about 15 minutes.  Baste the bacon with the syrup and finish baking til crisp, 5-6 more minutes.  (I was using my oven to cook our accompaniment of tater tots, so I cooked my bacon in a pan, drained the grease, basted with the syrup, and let it finish getting crispy.)

2. Heat a cast-iron skillet over medium high heat.  In a bowl, combine the beef, Worcestershire, and onion.  Stir in the mustard and season with salt and pepper.  Form the meat into 4 patties and drizzle them with oil.  Cook, flipping once, til a nice crust forms, about 7 minutes.  Top with the cheese and cook 2 more minutes to melt.

3. Brush a nonstick skillet with some melted butter and set it over medium heat.  Add the eggs, fry them to your desired doneness, and season them.  (I say, why get another pan dirty?  I took the burgers out of the pan and covered them to stay warm; then I spooned off all but about 1 tbsp. of the burger drippings and fried the eggs in what remained.  Delicious!)

4. Toast the buns and baste them with melted butter.  Assemble the burgers with the bacon and fried egg on top.  (We didn’t think that these needed any other toppings but do whatever sounds good to you.)

Bacon & Egg Burger 5Bacon & Egg Burger 3  (There’s no picture showing the runny goodness because I was too busy stuffing my face.)  😀

If you get a chance between bites of burger, pop in here and let me know what your best burger experience is.  Happy noshing!


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