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Some fun food, a moment of poetry, and a show to watch for September 5, 2011

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I love finding foods that I’ve forgotten to blog about.  I get all excited at the thought of sharing something I enjoy with y’all.  If you like cheese and you haven’t tried Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cheese Crisps, you are missing out!  They are cheese crackers with real cheese baked on them and they’re awesome.  (It’s also more dignified to say your eating cheese crisps than goldfish or cheez-its.  Not that that’s ever stopped me!)  However, they are delicious, and you can often get coupons for them in the paper (the impetus for their consumption this particular time).

I also realized that I haven’t told you about my husband’s favorite crock pot meal that is delicious and super easy.  We call it Salsa Chicken.  You take about a pound to a pound and a half of chicken.  I usually use boneless, skinless breasts, but you can use whatever’s your favorite (though bone-in might take longer to cook).  You chop the chicken into bite-size pieces, and toss it in your crock pot.  One particularly nice thing about this is that you don’t have to thaw the chicken.  If I’ve forgotten to defrost the chicken ahead of time, I just run it under water for a bit and cut it anyway.  Then you cover the chicken with a 26 ounce jar of salsa.  I always buy the Great Value black bean and white corn variety (for only $2!!), but you can use whatever suits your fancy.  Stir a few time, make sure the chicken is covered, and cover.  Since I cut the chicken in pieces, I put mine on low for 2-3 hours.  You should adjust the time and temp for your needs.  And that, folks, is all there is to it.  I usually put this in on a Sunday morning.  When we get home from church, I put on a pot of rice and top the chicken with some cheese and sour cream.  It is super delish!

So in case you somehow missed this or are new to my blog, I am a bit on the odd side.  One of my many eccentricities is an affinity for good quotes.  Usually I pick out quotes for their meaning, but occasionally the beauty of the writing just strikes me.  I’ve been reading through the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (a little each day) and found this beautiful quote from Keats.  “O aching time! O moments big as years!”  Sometimes I feel that way, some moments feel like they last forever (or I wish they would), but then some months pass in the blink of an eye.

The last thing on tonight’s agenda is to let you know about a new talk show that I’m looking forward to watch.  It’s called “The Chew” and is supposed to be all about food.  There are going to be five co-host, three of which I’m excited about.  The two that I know nothing about are Carla Hall and Daphne Oz.  The ones I’m excited about are Clinton Kelly (from TLC’s hilarious show What Not to Wear), Michael Symon (of Iron Chef America fame), and the completely awesome Mario Batali.  The show premieres on September 26 at 12 pm central time on ABC.

Well, that’s all for tonight!  I’ll talk to you soon.

P.S.  There is a strong possibility for a new dessert being debuted this weekend.  I’ll let ya know!


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