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Free movies and a review January 3, 2011

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A few months ago, I found out about a nifty program from Redbox.  You have to create an account with them (quick and painless, you should be able to opt out of any e-mails that it signs you up for) and then under notifications you can give them your mobile number. On the first Monday of every month, they will text you a code that lets you rent one movie for free that day.  The movie I rented was Salt.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  It’s an interesting spy/action movie.  What surprised me the most was how clean it was.  There were no sex scenes, and I don’t remember any profanity.  It had a lot of surprising twists (they probably wouldn’t have been surprises if I was watching with my husband, he always figures these things out ahead of time) and the plot moved along nicely.  If you like action flicks, I think you’ll enjoy it.  I enjoy watching movies, so let me know if there’s one you think I’d enjoy.


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  1. BTW, I forgot to mention it, but I’m sure standard text messaging rates would apply.

  2. […] you that today is the first monday of the month, which means that if you’re signed up for Netflix mobile alerts, you should have received a code for a free movie.  Also, you could use the code EASYMONDAY at a […]

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